Blessed St Jude, please protect and guide my poor nurse daughter in her very tough times which i never knew she was going through and now her marriage is on the verge of breaking up — with a new born 7 month old baby and 6 yr old baby- the pain and shock for all of us unbearable-
Please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to find an urgent solution for her because both are still on a work visa and not on permanant visa in this country and her husband has come as her dependent because he is lowly qualified than her- looks like he has found another person to replace my daughter or is having an affair because he is acting like that. he is not cooperating with her in anything like her diet- she has diabetes and is trying to reverse – he and his mother wants to stress her and make her diabetic or in some way sick- they are very evil people – his father had comitted suicide -do not know the truth – because during enquiring about these people when my daughter brought this alliance with her current husband, the police said that it is because of the mother in law her husband killed himself. even that information my daughter at that time brushed aside.
now i have no idea what to do- my husband, her step father is an advanced cancer patient and we are struggling through our days – he has a small pension and a house which needs lots of repair work- my daughter is a nurse -please help us find the right solution and the right way and person to handle all this. it is all very overwhelming for me and my husband and for my poor daughter – please help her to reverse her diabetic condition. please let the herbal formula she is going to have help her .
please bless her and the poor children lord – please stop and fail all the plotting and scheming the husband , mother in law and sister in law is doing against my daughter.
please let all come out in the clear and let us all see what they are up to . please le this plans fail and let him not be able to harm my daughter in any way let all their dirty plans fail in front of your mighty power lord
please help lord please send your powerful miracles to keep my daughter sane and happy somehow with her children – please put a smile back to her face lord. please give her opportunities to find work near my home and come and live with us if that is your wish lord – that is our wish but then we dont know what is right for her lord – please help in this matter –
please stop my heart palpitation and shortness of breath due to the pressure i am under- please give strength physical and mental for my daughter to handle the baby the work pressure and her personal trauma and intense pressure from the evil husband- let him not dare harm my grand daughter and psychologically destroy my daughter lord – please please come urgently to our help – thank you for all your help and favours which keep us all sane and alive – dear St Jude – amen