Dear blessed St Jude, please somehow make the Association president of my native country apartment be kind to us and shift the location of more suited place in front of the apartment which has been ruled out saying that area is to be used for meetings -but my breathing this filthy air will destroy the purpose of having an apartment there. The president of the association is vain, shallow and has no mercy -please teach him a lesson lord to bring down his arrogance and his wrong decisions.
now nobody will buy my apartment and nobody will want to live there – tomorrow my brother in law is going to the apartment complex – please let him be successful in convincing the hypocrite adamant man the president who is unwilling to treat me as a human being- please send your powerful miracles to remove the garbage treatment plant from my area to another area please please lord -please protect my younger daughter who is living there who is the target of their attack always – please lord with your mighty power stop the president and all the others who support this cruely against me and make my poor daughter’s survival impossible there
Thank you St jude for all your help to me always given – amen