Dear blessed St jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to somehow put a stop to the dreadful garbage biomass composter which turns food waste into compost which will create heat , gas and odour into my bedroom – the reason given by the association president is that side they intend to keep it free for any function .
it is so heart breaking sir – my investment is
please send your powerful miracles to stop the evil men in the apartment who are doing this – please let them find difficulties in their lives so that no time to attack my daughter – who is living there all alone.
please let my younger daughter find her soul mate , her dream job, and get married to a good loving man who has the money.
please guide me on the action to be taken in my apartment in the native country to change the location of the garbage boxes and the harrassment which is happening.
please end this cruelty to us by these monstrous men in the apartment complex who have no kindness and humaness in them – please stop them lord with your mighty power – i have only you and i am pleading with you today – please give me a solution . i am extremly worried for my daughter, i pray for all in this circle to get solutions for their problems – amen