Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my second daughter who is living in the native country where men are mean selfish and hypocrites . please stop them attacking my daughter and let them have problems of their own to think of and know the pain of having problems- i do not wish them well at all .
now the association has kept the biomass composter garbage almost in front of my tiny apartment in the native country. we are being forced to accept it .
now my daughter wants to get married thanks to my prayers to you lord and now wants to buy a home – but she does not have the money – please let all her dreams of buying home and getting married come true lord . please let her find her soul mate to love, marry and have family – and the men in the apartment complex the association will destroy her if i send a lawyer notice to them regarding the garbage issue. it is all very scary for me lord – they are evil – please lord i do not know if to engage a lawyer or not – please guide me
please send your powerful miracles to save her and save my apartment dear St Jude.
please let your mighty power stop the evil men in the association from harassing me and my duaghter . thank you for all your favours to her amen