Dear St Jude please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to make the apartment association to shift the garbage disposal biomass composter from the front of my apartment to another area which is of no problem to anyone – but the president of association is saying that they want to have functions in that area .but functions can be held in front of my area also – this garbage composter will create immense discomfort to us with its smell and flies and everything bad. we will not be able to open our windows or doors even .
if i put up a fight by legal means then they will attack my daughter who is much hated there – by her bringing her boyfriends there .I do not live in the country anymore and its so hard to do things from outside and with a cancer patient husband and also me with lot of health issues is finding it very difficult to go ahead with our own lives .
please let the association listen to my requests of shifting this huge menace to me and my investment.
please let the hypocrite, narrow minded, selfish men in the apartment not attack my daughter and me .
please urgently come to my help my dear St Jude and send me and my daughter your powerful miracles to handle this crisis – please put a stop to this at once lord – please let it all end in my favour and in not in fighting please .
Thank you dear St Jude for all your favours to me and family . I pray for all in this circle and beyond .