Dear blessed St Jude, please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to come to help a serious matter in my apartment complex in my native country-
i have a tiny 2 bed apartment in which my second daughter is living- now the association president wants to keep a biomass plant on our terrace on top of my apartment which will cause hell for us – i cannot describe how messy and loud the entire process will be and living will be difficult there.
please urgently send your powerful miracles to stop this extremely selfish act of the association president and treasurer who is deliberately keeping the smelly -process away from their block which is much bigger and empty space is there compared to our tiny place already cramped up by generator machine and garbage food waste etc.
please let all on our block people unite and fight against the injustice which they are planning to do on us. the president is behaving like a dictator and making our lives miserable.
please help – please forgive me if i have done any mistakes lord
thank you for all the favours dear St Jude – amen