Dear blessed St Jude, please give peace of mind to my first daughter who is in turmoil because her sugar levels are high and no support or help from the chauvanist husband- The mother in law and the sister in law including her husband are plotting against my daughter – they are so greedy for money- and they are evil- please urgently come to help my daughter lord – please let her stubborness, king size ego ,quick to anger and frustration , go away and her post pregnancy negativeness go away please – let her get good friends and find happiness – please let her stop dreaming about a fancy world which exists among the rich – please let her come and help me and her step father who is an advanced cancer patient and me with my glaucoma ,knee issues need her help urgently – i am not very fond of my son in law but i love my daughter- and her kids – please let them come and live near me and get job here near us lord- please give her mental and physical confidence lord – please destroy with your all the black magic or anything that the mother in law must have done on her to seperate her from me and keep her a slave to her dominating son who is not helping her to loose weight or control her diabetic-issue. please let her be able to visit me with her kids asap so that i can help her lord – please send your powerful miracles to give her confidence and let her eat the right food and control her cravings -please give her mental and physical strength to resist unnecessary food –
and please let her stop hating me and just let her believe and love me-
it is so difficult for me to like her husband – i dont know what more to say- he has attachment only to his mother and sister and to no one else- mama’s boy and harming my daughter – please let them all stop harming her in their subtle ways which is so obvious to me. please let him listen to her for a change and stop his arguments and fights with her- and stop his evil ways of planning to dump her with 2 kids one just 6 months.
please let her get good genuine friends in this country lord
St Jude, please pray for her -she needs it so desperately
with my prayers to you dear St Jude weeks before ,now it seems normal but then you never know-
please help her and let her be able to reverse her diabetes with her will power – please please help her dear St Jude.
thank you for everything given to her dear St Jude. amen