Blessed St Jude, please give peace of mind to my tormented second daughter – she had a tough childhood, teenage and continued problems always coming from a broken family with no money no love nothing – please lord this week i am suffering from chest pain and anxiety from both my girls problems and had to do a check up for heart attack – please lord come urgently to help my daughter – please show her the way and please send a special someone to help her to go through life without taking advantage of her naivity and innocence please.
Please let her find her soul mate to love, marry and have a family dear lord
please let her survive in this tough mean world lord without destroying herself
please show the real colours of the man in the apartment complex( in the native country where she is living ) show his true nature to all – he had gone to her apartment and behaved in an agressive manner and now denying and saying she was high on drinks or something to cover up his bad behaviour –
please let him go away from there – he is renting – and i am also suspicious of his behaviour.
please keep him away from my daughter and let him not speak ill about her to cover up his mistakes to her-
please continue to protect her from all dangers and evil people and all health problems
please show her the right path lord and surround her with good people who will help her in career, and guide her from all evil relationships and treat her well leading to success in life – please remove all hatred towards me from her mind lord – please let the sisters stop fighting and be friends again lord
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to her -praying for all in this circle — amen