Dear blessed St Jude please stop my heart palpitations and panic attacks because of my 2 daughter’s miserable situation.
Please let the 2nd daughter calm down and be mature and act accordingly while living in an apartment complex.
Please stop the attacks from the male chauvinists and the association people and all of them perfect married hypocrites people living there.
Please guide my idiotic naive egoistic daughter and keep her away from all troubles and all the narrow minded anti women men and worse women .who are so gossipy and nothing else.
Please give her a break and surround her with good people.
Please save me lord from these pressures which I cannot take anymore.
Please let her find her way .
Please help her to get what she wants.
Please let her stop all her addictive habits drinking smoking or any other.
Please let her find her soul mate to love marry and have family she so deserves coming from a bad broken family childhood and no money.
Please let her get a secure future .financially and emotionally.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to her. Praying for all in this circle..