Please stop my chest tightness and heart palpitations Please.
I am very stressed by my daughter’s situation.
Elder daughter’s husband is planning and plotting with his mother and sister against her.
Please lord stop and block them all from destroying my nutse daughter’s marriage.
They have 2 children. One is 6 months old.
Please put an end to her husband’s evil thoughts and let my daughter be more flexible and let her arrogant ways stop and adjust for the children sake.
Please guide them lord and let them be kind and loving to each other.
Please let the mother in law and sister in law and her husband stop their poison and all the black magic against my daughter and family.
Please block their attacks with your mighty power lord.
Please let my daughter be happy and let the best for her happen . Let her husband forget all the fights and remember all the good things and let them find a way to buy a house somehow in this country..
Please bring a solution urgently dear lord to their problem.and that is money.
Please send your powerful miracles to save her marriage and stop my heart palpitations and panic attacks.
Thank you dear St Jude for all your favours to her and family. Amen