dear St Jude, i am praying for myself today – please let my chest pain and heaviness go away – and let me be able to relax
my problems my daughters messy problems my husband’s cancer all are overwhelming me and i cannot cope –
i feel choked – please urgently come to my help- please give me some good news from somewhere
please lord i need someone nice , a good friend whom i can trust to be with me – i have no friends no one please send your powerful miracles to give me physical and mental strength to get up and go about – please bring my fighting egoistic daughters together and my family together somehow – please stop the son in law, his mom and his sister plotting against my daughter to throw her out of their lives – they even have a new born 6 month old baby and this is what they are planning – please remove any curse on my family lord – and i seek forgiveness to anyone whom i may have hurt unknowingly or knowingly – please give me peace of mind lord – let my heart palpitation go away and the chest heaviness and pain go away – there are no doctors available in this country – you will just get some basic treatment and no correct diagnosis or help -all gone after covid – please dont let me have any health problems lord – keep unwanted thoughts away lord – let all my enemies and plotters be stopped by your mighty power lord – please let me get some money from some source – let me be able to pass driving test – in this country to bring some dignity to my husband -we struggle with his small pension – the house needs repair work – please let my nurse daughter come and live near me and be able to help us and we also be able to help her with the children – please let her husband not search for a new woman because of financial difficulties and no growth – they are greedy and look for easy money – please keep his evil family away from my daughter and let him never leave her or the children – lord make their plotting stop and let him come back to my daughter and the 2 children – please show us who is behind this big plotting against my daughter and what is the purpose lord – i am doubting that there is another woman for my son in law and he is trying to get rid of my daughter – please show us lord show some sign who is behind the fights – and he is acting – i feel all the time – please let him stop ill treating my daughter and the first child-
please let me get a good friend here lord – i need it so badly – i have no friends – show me a way please
Thank you for everything given to me – i am praying for all in this circle –