Thank you my dear St Jude for the sorting out of my daughter’s problems with her mother in law and sister in law and husband – please dont let it come up again —
Dear blessed St Jude, please let my nurse daughter and nurse son in law with family come and live and get job near my home in this country – now they are living 2 hours away by public transport-
My husband who is their step father- is an advanced cancer patient and is suffering and loosing confidence – and me also having health issues glaucoma, knee arthritis and heart palpitation-
she is so blind to our issues and saying shifting would be problem jobwise- please let her see my side and our vulneribility – we have no car and money is also limited –
please come to our help lord – let us live in some dignity -we really suffer during winter- because we have no car- and our kind neighbour left.
please dear lord send urgent help to us and show us the right way to go –
i am new to this country only 7 yrs and so dont know anything much – i am struggling- so very much – please please let your mighty power change their minds and let them come here if lord that is your wish for us – and for my daughter’s family also
please let me get out of my depression and get alive – and live and have a life – please let me be able to drive a car here so that most of my insecurities go away –
please let me and my husband have the courage mental and physical to do things instead of just sitting around in the house not doing anything – please come to our -help and send your powerful miracles to get us financial prosperity somehow – our house needs lot of work and repair -please strengthen my hands – send me your blessings lord to do things correct- please let my elder daughter and family come and live here near me and get job – please
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to me and my family – I pray for all in this circle lord amen