Blessed St Jude, please protect guide my precious nurse daughter in taking care of her health which is at an all time dangerously low- she is in depression after and during her delivery living in hands to mouth existence struggling with a dominating husband who is incapable of giving her anything much other than a daily existence.
with the coming of a new born baby now 6 months she has zero time for herself and she eats cheap food that is carbohydrates and now has put on huge weight of 30 kilos extra which is extremely dangerous = her mother in law and husband will only cook food the way they want and not what is healthy- so its a big problem – the children all eat sugar and carbohydrates not healthy food.
i can see where she and kids are going down – it is so sad- i have been asking her to come and live close to my house which is 2 hours away and she needs to get a new job and all have to shift which is tough for her and the visa has just been renewed for another 2.5 yrs before she gets permanent visa here .
please come to her help urgently and somehow get her help – please give her mental and physical strength to go on to stop eating wrong food and somehow get help from the clinic which she just has lost the will to go to – she cannot move around with the small baby and a 6yr old school going kid – i live far and my husband her step dad has cancer – we are desperately waiting for them to come to live with some dignity -please come to her help urgently before anything bad happens to her or to us God forbid- please wake her up let her stop and stop her husband from treating her bad and make him respect and treat the elder girl child and my daughter with support and love not mocking and making fun of her and never allowing or supporting her wish to learn to drive and be independent. he is a male chauvinist – and the marriage was a trap- by his mother to save her son who cannot even speak English so all responsibility is on my daughter and she feels even though she never complains (to be fair he takes care of home and kids )just says i am stressed and i have lot of problems – i feel so sad – she is my hope in my old age – please let her be somehow able to get job and a home to rent near me so that i can save her and give her a life – please let her husband not object to the idea of coming to live near me –please help lord please – Thank you for all your favours to my daughter and her family- amen