Blessed St Jude, please guide and protect my second daughter from all dangers and evil. please let what is best for her happen as per your wish lord because i have no idea what she wants or anything about her -she lives in the native country i have not seen her for 3yrs plus now and i miss her so much lord – please let her meet her soul mate asap before its too late for her to love , to marry , to have a family which she has never had and she so deserves- i have no idea who is controlling her now – she shares nothing with me – is a complete stranger and is so angry with me – please let her forgive me for leaving her on her own to get married to save myself. please let her get her soul mate lord please – a man who is legally free to marry her and be with her please please – please let all her obstacles go away with your mighty power lord – please let her come to this country to study Msc course if that is your wish for her lord – please let her not destroy her life by being with this married person .
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude – amen