Blessed St Jude thank you for all the favours to me and family.
please continue to protect and guide my second daughter who is not yet in the right track yet .
Please let her get back faith in God and in prayers which was lost long back due to her bitter childhood coming from a broken no money family.
Please let her stop playing around with her life and be serious about getting financially independent and getting a job instead of with the wrong people who are misleading her and wasting time i feel.
Please lord somehow let her find her soul mate to love marry and have a family before its too late because she is getting too old – let her not miss out on life. she has no one,, please guide and protect her always from all her enemies . please let her stop all her bad habits if any and let all her evil friends vanish never to come back to her life.
please surround her with good people who will guide her to your path – Thank you dear St Jude for everything given .