Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my second daughter who is very unstable with her future life plans. She wanted to do her Msc in this country where i live and now she is not saying anything.
Now she has got a girl staying with her whom i do not know or she will not tell me- I pray to you that she comes to her senses and reality and the girl is a safe person.
There are men coming and going very late in the night. please let her stop all this nonsense and lead a straight forward life meet her soul mate,to love, marry and have family.
please take over her lord and make her do the right things and surround her with genuine people who will safegaurd her and guide her i the right path.
please let her not waste away her life -she has no money, no job, no man in her life.
her ego is coming in the way to get a good man and live a normal life.and also coming from a broken family with no money and still just enough money.
please let her stop fighting with her sister and me and trust us instead of total strangers . please keep her safe lord- please give her good health and let her maintain it and also protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Thank you for all your favours to my daughter my dear St Jude – amen