Dear St Jude please show my second daughter the right path and what is best for her – to study Msc overseas in this country where i am living OR to continue living in the native country -she has resigned her job and is now back with the married man with the children – i really dont know what is happening – please dear St Jude this is the last opportunity for her to study because her age is catching up to join as a student.
please help urgently – please send your powerful miracles to save her and block all her enemies – please protect her when she goes out in her 2 wheeler in a country where there are no rules –
please let my nurse daughter come and stay near our home with her family and get job here – please give her the strength to search for new jobs in my area and get a reasonable rented home . she has no home and we have no car – my husband 77 yrs is an advanced cancer patient and both of us have glaucoma and knee arthritis – please cure us of all this health issues and all other health issues lord.
please let both the families benefit each other –
please let my grand daughter 6 yrs get cured of her sensory hearing loss asap and the little baby of 5 months my grandson who is having breathing issues get cured dear St Jude, we have very little money lord please help – thank you for all your favours to me and my family my dear St Jude