Dear blessed St Jude, please help me in the matters of my younger daughter who now wants to study for a course in the country where me and her sister is living.
Please let her not be casual about this course this time- please let her know the value of money especially when its not hers and she is getting it free from my savings.
Please lord let her decisions be right and let her be able to continue to end the course and benefit from it and get a descent good job which will make her financially secure.
please let all things happen as per your wish and plan for her lord. the man who was with her from last year has left her – dont know why . i am just praying she will not restart her bad habits – please let her get back her trust and belief in God and in prayers. Please please let her find her soul mate a legally single status man who will love, marry and have family with her . Her age is also in mid thirties and she has to have a family at the right time lord – please send your powerful miracles to show my daughter reality of life , not to go to instagram and put vulgar youtube videos of her – its really heart breaking to see a qualified engineer stooping so low- she has no talent in acting. please let see that she has to focus in job and make a secure future and have a good reputation.
please let the agency she has approached be a good one or if not show us the right path lord.
please give her good health and let her take care of her health – please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems –
please lord continue to protect my naive idiotic, impulsive daughter from all her enemies hidden or otherwise and let all evil friends keep away and let her not have any addictive habits lord .
please guide me and her and the agent and all concerned for the Msc study overseas and unblock all her obstacles lord and let her full positive potentials come out .
i am so so tired dear St Jude please help
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude- amen