Dear blessed St Jude, my younger daughter is all alone again – there used to be a man with her from last year onwards and now he is gone – She had resigned her job and was about to start some business with him or on her own i dont know. Please bring him back if you think he is good for her lord
please lord i am very stressed now – although there was not future with that man – she was safe – me and her sister her only family are in another country and she is not in talking terms with her sister. Please my dear St Jude please send your powerful miracles so that she will meet her soul mate who will love, marry and have a family with her and be supportive of her please . Please let her get back her lost faith in God and in prayers lord and follow your path never stray – please stop all her evil friends and addictive habits at once and let them never come back to her life – please safegaurd my daughter against all the evil people who work against her interests and remove all her obstacles to her prosperity – please let her stop at once her disgusting displays in instagram wearing revealing clothes and to resign her engineering career and to think youtube will get you money! please let her see reality lord and get only good friends and people around her – ONLY you my dear St Jude you can save her please please save the young woman somehow for my sake .. we have never hurt anyone but we suffer so much – the family was broken and no money and i am suffering because of that now when my girls were not brought up proper.
Please urgently come to her help and let her not do anything crazy or wrong decisions – please lord be with her at every stage and guide her lord – please let her not feel depressed or alone lord. please let her come to us if that is your wish lord – thank you my dear St Jude, for all your favours to her over the years – amen