Annie B

Lord, this has been a difficult time. People are being ignorant and hurting me on purpose. I found out my nephew and his wife are pregnant, they have removed me from their facebook and haven’t called in years. I am not sure I even like these people anymore, and I feel sad about being shunned. Even my friends don’t contact me. I am the only one to make contact, not one time in about 5 years has anyone even asked me to go and do something with them. Its disheartening that not a single one of these people have the incentive to contact me. Lord, please help me forget these people and the feelings I am suffering because of them, and move on alone. I am very self sufficient and need help turning these feelings off completely. This covid has me on lock down already, and with no one communicating with me, makes it even more difficult to deal with. Please take these feeling and upset anguish from me, I offer these things to you. Please help me with some peace of mind so I can keep from feeling left out.