Dear St. Jude:

Thank you for watching over us and helping us with life’s difficult situations. Please help me to keep my job until I retire in June 2024, and hopefully keep it for an additional year after that, until June 2025.

Please do not let my employer fire me, or lay me off as an excuse to get rid of me because of my age and/or to use my salary to give to the 2 men that he favors and that constantly ask for more and more money, even though they make a lot of money, when I make so little in salary, especially for the geographic area where I reside, and in comparison to them.

I don’t have enough money saved for retirement and I need to work as long as possible, at the very least until June 2024 so that I can get my full social security benefit amount. Please let me keep my job until at least June 2024.

Thank you, Saint Jude!