Anitha S

Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect and guide my younger daughter who is naive, egoistic, false pride, impulsive, quick to get angry, very immature for her age, innocent, very sensitive, scarred by her past dirty boyfriend who dumped her and got married ..and her miseries coming from a broken poor family -please let her forget all that and start a new begining a new life.
Please let her find her soul mate, fall in love, marry have a family as soon as possible- please send your powerful miracles to help her find her good man and live lord – i am so far away in another country and so is her sister her only family so she is all alone with her friends controlling her and i have no contact with her and do not know what is happening with her other than the little things she used to inform earlier not anymore after the fight in which i asked her not to bring her friends to her apartment where the association and the nieghbour and his wife and the poisonous caretaker is objecting to – she says they are her only family and they help her not we who have left her –
Please let her get good friends and let all the bad evil ones leave her and never come back to disturb her.
Please give me a solution to this big problem of mine i.e. my younger daughter – please let me have some peace of mind and let her get her own man and make her own family so i can be free of this big huge responsibility —
please let her take decision to change her life and improve and have a family and make her future secure with a good man beside her instead of hanging on to old miserable memories and hurt feelings stopping her from taking steps to lead to happiness and her financial security, She only has a job she needs to make her self secure lord with a supportive good man beside her – please please help.
Please let her see the reality of how vulnerable she is and not safe at all –
please let her learn diplomacy and how to talk and control her acid tongue –
please let her learn how to adjust and live – and please let her stop the fight with her sister and be nice to me and her sister- please let her stop all her addictive habits smoking drinking i do not know if she does all that – if any let it stop.
I dont know what to say -other than i am going mad and my prayers to you keep me hopeful and sane – thank you for all the favours to her – i thank you on her behalf – amen