Please Blessed St Jude , intercede for my daughter to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to save my daughter from drug addiction and for the psychiatrist to help to find the right solution for her deep rooted problems .( she is meeting him today).
please let the physiotherapist help her in getting the full mobility of her right arm back after 3 surgeries ..and also her health which has gone.Let the doctors be successful in restoring her mind and body which is ruined. but can get back with help.
I am not rich and I am away from her in another country.
please let her find a good job in the middleEast .she is brilliant.please let her find her soul mate dear St Jude.
She needs miracles .
please let her get back her belief in god .
please let all her wounds heal from a broken family and damaging experiences.
please bless her and keep her .
please protect her from her drug evil friends.
please show a way .
eternally grateful to you and your blessings dear St Jude.
thank you.i pray for all in the circle that healing and solutions to your problems happen.please include my daughter in your prayers.
thank you all .