Dear Blessed St Jude , I thank you for making my younger daughter take a decision on to go ahead with the de-addiction treatment -Today she will be going to see the doctor god willing – The person who is advising her almost backed out yesterday saying I am getting emotional .So I am not sure what is happening -she is all alone and I am 8000 miles away in another country unable to travel to her at least for another 6- 7 weeks – I plead to you Dear St Jude to intercede on my daughter’s behalf to our lord and saviour Jesus Christ to make her do the right things ,take right decisions and to go ahead and unblock all the obstacles in front of my brilliant engineer daughter who cannot function because of her drug addiction .Let her take the de-addiction treatment in my absence if its the lord’s decision- Please give her the courage and strength and protect her from bad drug using friends and all accidents -please let her regain full mobility of her right hand/arm and shoulders after 3 shoulder surgeries resulting from an accident recently . Please send urgent help to my daughter to solve her big big problems -all are saying only god can save her -I request humbly to the prayer circle to pray for my daughter -I believe in the strength of prayer and the miracles of St Jude -Thank you always –