Dear Blessed St Jude ,thank you for making my daughter agree for a de-addiction programme in a hospital .Please let her stick to her decision and stay away from drugs and not be influenced by her evil bad friends .Please let her get some good friends and nice people around her who support her -she has no family with her – I have no idea how she is going to go thru this toughest time of her life .on her own-she has lost faith in god -please let her regain her faith in god please -and let the belief in god give her the strength and power to go thru this tough times -She has to also regain her mobility for her right arm/shoulder/hands-which is slowly coming back after she started her physio-thank you for that decision also St Jude-Thank you to our lord and saviour Jesus Christ for all the help and support. I pray for all the people in the prayer circle -I thank all those who pray for me and my family so unconditionally at the shrine -ever grateful -anitha