Dear Blessed St Jude ,I thank you for all the favours given to me and my family .
I plead with you to intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to save my younger engineer brilliant ,kind daughter from drug addiction and bad friends .
Please if the current man in her life is good for her and if that is what you want for her ,then please let them get married and live happy dear St Jude .She had the most miserable childhood ,broken home, wrong friends ,bad father. Please help her to forget her past .
please let her regain mobility of her right arm ,hand,shoulders after her accident and 3 shoulder surgeries.
now she could not work and resigned and has started her physiotherapy.
She has to start de-addiction programme for substance abuse-please give her courage to go thru it all alone with no family with her – please give good friends to support her please.
physically ,mentally she is at zero level-please send her a good man -her soul mate to help her save herself from total destruction..
please bless her,guide her and keep her dear st jude – I am her unfortunate mother living in Europe and she in india and I cannot be with her –
I thank you again – I pray for all those in the prayer circle -please help -thank you always -anitha