Dear blessed St Jude , I am completely fed up with my younger daughter and prayers to stop her drug use and join up for de addiction programme has not had any effect on her.
She is the same and I am leaving her going back to my new home country failing in all my attempts to save her.
Dear St Jude you have always helped me but this time I need big miracle to save my daughter from destruction.
Please dear Lord show me a way.
Please give me a solution to this big huge problem killing me .
my daughter is going to be a huge liability for me if she is not checked ..
Please save me dear Lord .I am crushed.
Please let her get a job
Please let her find a good man marry and go away .
Please let her find her soul mate dear Lord.
pleaee don’t burden me with her .
Please please help ..I am going mad dear Lord..
I have no one other than my prayers to god .
Please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to urgently find a solution to this big problem that is my younger daughter..
She has no job no money no savings
no love to me no will to come up in life
I am fed up
can’t go on.
Please let her agree for a treatment of de addiction urgently .
Please let her regain her lost faith in god
Please protect her from bad drug friends.
Please protect her from accidents .
Please give her a life dear Lord.
Please give me a ray of hope .
Please help save my daughter.
Thank you St Jude always grateful