dear blessed St Jude please help me .I have no one .I feel like I am sinking in my problems.
Please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to save my daughter from destruction due to drug addiction.
Please let her agree for a de addiction treatment urgently .without which she will become uncontrollable at a later stage using corrupted marijuana.
Please help her over come her drug habits somehow dear St Jude.
Please let her find a good man and settle.
Please let her forget all her miserable past.and remove all hurt from her mind dear St Jude please heal her wounds
Please let her want to come with me to where I am living.
relieve me of this big burden that is my drug addict daughter .I have suffered enough as s single parent .
Lord i beg yoi please don’t break me any further .
Please give me solution which work dear Lord
Thank you for all the favours to me and family always.