Dear blessed St Jude please intercede toJesus Christ our Lord and saviour to save my daughter from drug addiction by joining the de addiction treatment at once.
I have only 1 more month of stay in my home country with her .
She has also contacted some other disease which needs surgery.
I cannot bear the trauma emotionally and financially anymore.
all this requires my presence in my home country.
I don’t know what to do
My on going visa pricess in UK allows me 3 months only outside of UK.
there is no one to help her.
Dear Lord please help me .
I have no one and nothing .
Please use your special powers and please let miracles happen in this helpless and hopeless situation of mine.
Please save my daughter .
this is her last chance.
If I report to the police they will book her and give her treatment but they will ask her to reveal the drug source and that will put all our lives in danger.
If I don’t take action she will end in bigger mess.
She will end up becoming mad by using corrupted drugs.
I am so scared with my old and heart patient husband on what to do.
I have no one to help and nor she.
Please send a miracle to save us dear Lord .please.
We are good innocent people .please help.
always grateful for all the favours to me and my family.
I pray for everyone in the prayer circle to be blessed and let the healing hands be around you and protect all.
Thank you.