Dear Blessed St Jude I thank you for all the favours to me and my family always. My younger daughter is planning to do an Msc course in the UK or rather I am trying to bring her to the UK so that she will not further destroy herself from all her bad habits.I am putting all my savings and last penny on her -Please dear St Jude intercede on behalf of my younger daughter to choose /make the right decision of her life to be happy and for her future too.
Please let her join for the de-addiction treatment and get rid of her addictions. Please let her brilliant brains be intact and work in the right way.
Please let her find her soul mate and marry the good man
Please help in making my decisions and my daughter’s also .
Please let her regain full mobility of her right arm/hand/shoulders after 3 surgeries from an accident.
Please help resolving this very complicated matter of bringing her to the UK somehow -Let the finances be somehow arranged dear lord -please help –
Please bless with good health and protect me and my family from all evil and accidents and bad people.
Thank you for everything given to me -thank you to all at the shrine for your prayers-