Anie U.

Please, please, please Saint Jude I beg you from the bottom of my humble &
broken heart please, please, please make my sister Lisa U. move back home to live with me
Please Saint Jude get my sister Lisa U. to realize she needs to move back home
with me and our father AT HOME WITH US NOW! We all need each other and we all need to grieve our loss together !!!!!
Please Saint Jude, Lisa is being impossibly stubborn,
change my sister Lisa U.’s mind NOW!
Please Saint Jude persuade my sister Lisa to accept help from us her family!
Please Saint Jude make this petition come true quickly & permanently I beg of you please!
Thank you so much from my broken, humble & grateful heart Saint Jude, angels, ancestors, & prayer warriors
who pray for me & this my impossible petition to become fulfilled & manifest immediately & permanently! Amen. 🙏