Anie U.

St. Jude & prayer warriors/angels please, please, please pray my verbally aggressive father will CHANGE HIS MIND & SELL his commercial building for the highest price he’s being offered IMMEDIATELY NOW THIS YEAR PLEASE!!! Please St. Jude PLEASE PRAY that my father REALIZES that I DO NOT & CANNOT HANDLE the selling of this commercial building in Queens, New York!!!!! Please pray for me with no job, no money, no home of my own where I can find rest & find freedom away from my very aggressive father who reminds me daily of how I am still unemployed with no money, no friends and no husband in life with nothing accomplished in my life. Please pray for me I am very tired & very sick from fighting with my father’s vicious & stubborn attitude in hesitating in getting rid of and IMMEDIATELY SELLING THIS COMMERCIAL BUILDING in Queens, New York for the HIGHEST PRICE he can get & we can live off of and live with without hesitation & regret.

Please Saint Jude strongly persuade my father Anton to NOT BE SO ATTACHED to this building and bring up situations to make my father realize it’s better & prudent to SELL this commercial building quickly and for a high price!!!!!

Thank you so much from my broken, humble & grateful heart St. Jude & prayer warriors/angels
who pray for me & this my impossible & miraculous petition to become fulfilled & manifest immediately & permanently!!!!! Amen.