Dear St. Jude,
I have just been recently diagnose with breast cancer stage 3 on my left breast. It is also on my lymph node. I am awaiting results of my pet scan to see if the cancer has spread. Please help me by casting away these cancer cells from my body. Please help me to be strong to fight this cancer in my body. With your help and support, I can overcome my weaknesses and fears. I am getting ready to receive my chemotherapy treatments. Please, St. Jude, help me to see the light of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our savior loving God.

Please help my family especially my husband and 2 daughters that they all remain strong and healthy as we go through this difficult journey together. Please enlighten and guide them, Lord Jesus Christ, to the path that is good for their body, mind, soul, and spirit. I thank you for all the prayers, support, and guidance my family has given me, my mom, brothers and their families. I thank all our friends who are there helping me always with their fervent prayers and support.

St. Jude, through your intercession, I will be healed of this cancer that I may serve our Lord Jesus Christ, through the rest of my life. Amen.