Angela Maria Love

Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Jude in your most holy and precious name I pray
Thank you for all the blessings of this day and thank you for our daily bread
Please heal my mother and give her a long and healthy life with us as she is so very
precious to all of us
Please watch and guide me today and everyday and give me the strength and
courage to do what I need to do always especially today Lord Jesus and St Jude be with me
Please let there be a vaccine to heal all those who are poorly with the covid19 and let there
be normality in the world once again
I love and praise your holy and precious name
Please give us the means to finish our home so that we can have peace and not struggle so
much as it has been such a long road and we cannot do it without you Lord Jesus and St Jude
and all the Saints in Heaven and Mother Mary
I praise and give you thanks forever and ever