Dear blessed St Jude please guide, protect and decide for me if to go for my eye appointment in the best eye clinic in the country at the capital city .or just attend local eye clinic and be happy with it.
I have glaucoma condition with increased pressure and blocked drainage with thin cornea making it worse.
Please let it be safe for me to travel in train and Bus with Covid cases increased.
level and with me and my husband both vulnerable with my husband having advanced Cancer and me with family history of asthma.and my shortness of breath..
Lord protect me tomorrow when I travel in public transport for medical treatment from Coronavirus and all other health problems .
Please send your powerful miracles to protect me tomorrow when I travel all alone for the first time ..be with me lord please… you are all I have. and my prayers to you my dear St Jude keep me going ….I plead you to continue watch over me and protect us both in intercession with our lord and and saviour Jesus Christ..
Please protect my husband who has advanced cancer and let there be no spreading to other areas .
Thank you for all your favours to me and family .