Please protect my poor husband 75yrs ..
who is at the dentist 2 hour removal of teeth all being done before he starts his cancer treatment ..
Please let there be no infection.
Please let him be able to confirm on his treatment method which will be most effective with less side effects ..
give us the courage and strength please to go through this tough phase .
Please don’t let anything inside my body lead to cancer cells development.
Please let my eye pressure come down and don’t let me go blind ..my opthalmist worried about me ..advised laser surgery for my glaucoma condition ..error in previous surgery .please do not make them a mistake please this time.
Please come to our help some how.
Please let my nurse daughter pass the interview attended by her which the hospital has so far not responded.
Please lord let her get the job please .it will be of great help to both me and my husband with all our serious health issues.
Please I veg you to send your powerful miracles to come to our help in this matter . Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to me , my husband and family .I pray for all in this circle and beyond ..