Blessed St Jude, please let my nurse daughter pass the interview she is taking up in a hospital near to my home if that is what you wish for her lord-
Please let her get what is best for her and her family lord and let them be able to move out of her damp wet tiny apartment on top of a shopping building-
her child and husband already are unwell and cold in the apartment- let the owner repair the damp and heaters at once lord-
Please bring my family together lord- let my 2 daughter’s stop fighting and be friendly and nice to each other-
Please let her health problems like – gangilion cyst on her wrist, painful bunions on her feet, vericose veins, get resolved somehow lord – and also the severe scars on her face caused by the bad attack of allergy which scarred her and has driven her to depression – please let her be able to do the diet and exercise program she joined correctly and get back her health please lord –
Please let both of them pass the driving test of this country lord -Praying for all in the circle for lord to bless them and give them all solutions to their problems
Thank you for all your help and favours to her and family lord – amen