Dear blessed St Jude, please let my visa application for permanent resident be successful . Please let us both be safe when I go for my interview on buses and trams when coronavirus cases are very high and hospitals are getting full inspite of 2 vaccinations taken by people. We are very scared to go out because both of us have underlying health conditions and my husband is senior citizen also. Please let everything be alright and let them upload all my documents correct – and let my application be successful please lord . My younger daughter is fighting with me lord – please give us both peace of mind and calm us both – please let her find her way in life and leave me alone and not blame me for all her problems- Me and her step father is taking care of her food and shelter – she has no job , nothing and is highly qualified – please lord help me with her – let her find her soul mate love and have her own family please lord –
Thank you for all the favours to us and always will be grateful to you – thanks to all at the shrine – god bless all of you -amen