Dear blessed St Jude, please let me get an emergency slot to upload my application for my appointment with the home office representatives to get my visa to continue to stay in this country – my visa is expiring on in few weeks time and my immigration lawyer says she cannot get an emergency paid slot for me due to some kind of error somewhere . Please direct the lawyer in the right way inorder to get my slot urgently lord or else my husband who is 75 yrs who is already doing the lawyers job of correcting all her mistakes will be under further stress on top of his health issues . We are postponing my eye appointments so that it will not clash with my immigration interview dates when i get it .
We are not rich to spend more money on this immigration stuff lord- please help us in this matter urgently and come to our rescue and let my application be successful .
Please bless us on our Wedding Anniversary and bless us with good health and happiness lord …
Please protect us from all health problems especially coronavirus -please help all in this circle and beyond.
Thank you for all the favours to me and my husband and our family – amen