Dear blessed St Jude, please protect me and my husband from coronavirus and all other health problems. Please help urgently in getting a slot for my Visa application to get a Permanent Residence status in this country where I have come to live. My husband belongs in the vulnerable category and is 75 yrs old and is under severe stress because of this immigration process going on which inspite of having kept lawyer to handle my processing they are very incapable and he has to do it himself and they just copy what he has done.
Now everyday the immigration agency is saying they are trying to get a slot for me but not getting – please lord my visa in this country is going to expire in 3 weeks time and I have to get a slot and then a date for appointment for interview – please please help us this time urgently –please send your miracles which have always come to my assistance when in need – for which I am always grateful for to you .
Please urgently let my immigration lawyer or the agency get a slot for me from the home office without which they cannot proceed my application my dear St Jude and be able to upload all my documents correctly with no mistakes and let me get a date as per your wish and be successful in getting my Permanent Residence. Please let my poor old loving husband and me be able to relax.
I leave everything in your safe hands lord ..Thank you for all the favours to me and my husband and he rest of the family .Praying for all in this circle and beyond – Always grateful to you lord . amen