Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to put a stop to my younger daughter’s drug use and end her friendship with the music bands and other bad drug using friends – i hear she has started taking high grade drugs from a source which i dont know to be trusted – when i speak to my daughter she says she is working and huge work load is there and she is happy – i dont know what to do – i am in another country 8000 miles away -no one to help or go to – other than to you my dear lord who has always helped me –
Please let her agree for a de-addiction treatment which she backed off after commiting
please let her get back her belief in god and prayers
please guide her in the right path dear lord and bless her and keep her with you always
Please protect her from all evil people and accidents
Please let her go for a review of her hand /arm /shoulder condition after the 3 surgeries and accident -she is refusing to go and have a check up .
Please let her find her soul mate a good man marry and settle down dear lord –
i am very tired dear lord
please help me find a solution for this big problem of mine dear lord –
i dont know what is right to bring her to the country where i am now or leave her where she is -i dont know please help me decide in her matter because i am putting all my savings into the Msc fees to study in the country i am in right now so that she can be near family –
please help me i desperately need it -show me the light and the right choice for her –
please help dear lord please -I pray for all in this prayer circle -may the lord find a solution to their prayers and needs –ever grateful from a distressed mother