please guide my 2nd daughter to decide as per your wish for her to find the masters course she wants to study abroad to get away from all the unbearably painful memories crushing her and to start a new life and get a permanent residence outside her native country.
Please let her be able to find a course in the country where me and her sister is living . The problem is money. So she is suggesting cheap courses in far away countries where we dont know anyone. it is very scary to send out a young rebellious girl like that lord.
Please give me a solution to my biggest problem i.e my younger daughter and her stubborn selfish big ego and acid tongue stupid women that she is ..crush all these negative qualities with your mighty power and show her the reality of her situation and make her realise there is very little money with me and we are hanging on to it and to save her from destroying herself we are giving her an opportunity to save herself somehow.
She is a qualified brilliant engineer but with her addictive habits and bad friends loosing interest and now her college boyfriend who was her hope also dumped her on her birthday and got married to another girl, crushing her world.
Please change her mind to get back to her engineering career and start working earning lord.and do Art on the side .
please make her realise that sitting and drawing with mediocre talent will not pay her bills. Her step father is sending money for food and shelter now. This has to stop lord. please give her strength and confidence in herself and good friends who will help her to come out of her depression from her loosing her dream life partner who dumped her .
Please let her see the truth and please send your powerful miracles to save her from self destruction and please let a miracle happen by sending her soul mate who can fund her needs and love her, marry her and change her for good ..and get back her faith in god and prayers and rely on god’s love and not depend on people for strength.
please help her so that I will not go mad dear St Jude.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her. ..distressed mother..amen