please let my younger daughter’s marriage proposal be based on total honesty and no nasty surprises .
please let the boy accept my daughter with all her faults and correct her mistakes and let her not hide anything from him please .
They both are introverts and not opening up – so please lord send your miracles for this marriage to happen ..
but i would like it to be based on openess and honestly which i do not see my daughter doing so far — or not confiding in me .
please let her have this opportunity to enjoy a normal family life and love from a good man with no bad habits .
and let him know all her bad habits and accept her for what she is and correct her and save her lord and give her a life — otherwise she is on a downhill path in everyway i feel – so please help in this matter my dear St Jude.
I pray for all in this circle and otherwise — for to resolve all your problems — thank you and amen