Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to save my younger daughter from drug addiction and please let her join for a de-addiction and councelling programme .She has quit her small job which she got near home and now says she cannot function and cannot do anything – no family member is with her and she is not willing to do anything to help herself – i dont know what to do – please let her go to my niece house where there are prayers going on all the time and let her get some belief dear lord please -unless she is connected to god i dont know how she can save herself with any treatment –
please let her get back her belief in god
Please let her find her soul mate and get married dear lord please
please help – i have no one but my god and my prayers –
please let me win a lottery i dont know how to fund her and other expenses –
please let me find a job to fund my daughter needs
thank you St Jude i have lost hope – please send me a miracle dear St Jude -please help –
please protect her from all her drug evil friends – thank you always -thank you all at the shrine for all your prayers -I pray for all of you in the prayer circle to find solution for your problems thru your prayers to St Jude .