Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect me and my husband from coronavirus and all other health problems.
My husband who is 74 yrs is going to take his pfizer vaccine
I will not be taking the vaccine with him because of the age difference.
we both were self isolating for almost 1 yr now and now we have to isolate seperately after my husband takes the pfizer vaccine because he is exposing to the public and we both have underlying health problems
My husband is on Aspirin and doctors are giving conflicting reports on to stop Aspirin for few days or not- we are confused
My husband also allergic to bee stings and other medicines etc -dont know what to do lord – no one giving correct information.
I am worried very much lord – please help us lord and guide us on what to do – he is extremly vulnerable and cannot miss the vaccine which is scarce now – please show us the right path – please let my husband be alert when he is out for the vaccine –
I am exhausted lord with the heaviness of my problems – cant take anything anymore -please keep us protected lord
i just pray and carry on — help me please thank you amen