Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to save my younger daughter from self destruction.
Please let her stop her drug addiction
Please let all her drug /evil friends go away from her and let her get back her faith in god and prayers
Please let her find her soul mate and marry the good man and live
Please let her continue in her job please -she just said she is not in a mental state to continue working -it can only be her drug addiction-
Please let her agree for de-addiction treatment somehow dear lord –
She is locked up in the apartment and not answering the door to anyone –
She is going thru mental issues and needs to be saved and no one is with her
lord i beg you to help her somehow -and bring a solution to this ongoing huge problem i am in another country so far away -and i have no one –
all i have is my prayers -please help somehow -always grateful for every favour you have given me and my family and my prayers for all those in the prayer circle -may god be with us all –