Dear blessed St Jude , my elder nurse daughter needs help desperately for her coming up registration exam for this country ie. OSCE.
She is finding it very tough and failed miserably for the mock exam . Her entire experience is only in the operation theatre and zero experience in the ward and almost all the questions are from the ward . She has to work for 12 hrs and then come back n study — she is finding it very difficult – till now they were treating covid patients –
She is very stressed for her family and 3 yr old baby .her husband who is a nurse treating covid patients in a desert in the middleast without any safety gear /small baby with mother in law in another country where covid is spreading rapidly –
please dear St Jude , please intercede on her behalf to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to give her confidence and peace of mind and let her be able to concentrate, focus,understand the questions and answers and be able to perform correctly and pass all the stations expected to pass .Please give her good health and protection from coronavirus
Please send her miracles dear lord to pass like you always have in the past and saved her .I pray for all in this prayer group . may the lord find a solution find all their problems
I thank you for all the favours to me and my family – please please help to make her pass dear lord .Thanking you -A very concerned mother.