Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my younger engineer daughter from making more mistakes in her life due to her ignorance and basic knowledge about life. Please do not let her boss harrass her or torment her for all the sincere work she does for him- Please let her find her soul mate dear lord and get married .let her have the strength and courage to handle her problems and help her to see things clearly . Please let her stop her very bad addictive habits dear lord which is causing all the chaos in her life -she is a brilliant girl but not able to rise up – please bring back faith and prayer and god in her life at once -dear lord for her to survive – please guide and give us the best solution regarding her marriage and higher education dear lord and let me not make any expensive mistakes –
I pray for all in the prayer group -let the lord bless them and give the right solution – thank you St Jude -ever grateful mother-A