Dear blessed St Jude ,please protect my younger daughter from covid and please let your wish happen where her job and future is concerned . Please show me the right way for me to take a decision on my daughter’s future -on what is best for her – giving her an Msc in the country where i am living (it will wipe out my savings but i am willing to save her if that will)or getting her married off to someone in the current country where i am living or leave her where she is -all alone with no family with her – or is Europe best for her -her father is there – will she get a job there –
Please let her stop all her bad habits and bad friends which is crippling her i feel
please dear lord only you can save her with helping me with the right choices – I am so confused – I dont even know my daughter anymore – it is a very sad situation – please help please – my prayers for all in circle – let the lord bless all –thank you