Dear blessed St Jude, please bring hope to my younger daughter who is under lot of stress(from job) and undergoing depression and loneliness .
(she is all alone in another country)
Please let her find a good man her soul mate and settle down in marriage dear lord please.
I will have to spend all my savings and more to get her admission for an Msc course in the country where I am . Please guide me and her in all these matters because
we have very little to money to spare and cannot afford mistakes at all .
Lord show me solution to this big problem daughter of mine and unburden me please .
I dont know how to save her and i am in real turmoil and in agony every single minute of my life. Please help me and my daughter please.I love her .
She is a brilliant highly qualified professional but not shining because stuck in her bad habits and friends .
Please send me miracles dear lord please . you have always helped me and my family .
Please let her give up her bad habits of smoking and other bigger bad habits and bad friends .
I dont know my daughter from long time – very little is spoken and we never had a life -its broken childhood and single parent upbringing –
and now the pandemic is spreading so fast in her area . Please protect her from coronavirus and let her be able to take care of herself and develop good habits and give her the will power to stop smoking and strengthen her immunity after her accident and 3 surgeries .
Please let her start praying and believe in the strength of prayers in healing and in bringing order into life .
Please let her regain her lost faith in god -please help please -from a very distressed mother -I pray for all in the prayer circle .Thank you